Freeman Plat Presents "Fuck Stereotypes. Set Precedent."

A fashion film with a goal to inspire those who are many times stereotyped to "SET PRECEDENT" and rid the world of harmful stigmas. The secondary goal is to piss off Trump by celebrating his predecessor.

The collection is inspired by two of the most well-mannered, diverse and honorable subjects Founder Jeremy Sallee knows and appreciates: 44th President, Barack Obama and Japanese culture. Throughout the line you will find oversized silhouettes that take cues from traditional garments of the Edo Period (i.e. the Kimono) juxtaposed with classic American apparel. He spent time in Japan absorbing the culture and design, and refers to it as one of the most aesthetically brilliant societies ever.


Directed by: Bryan Dos Reis 
Creative Direction by : Jeremy Sallee 
Cinematography by : David McCabe Jr. 
Original Music by : Rome Castille
Score by: Calvin Markus